Refer a friend

Our candidates are the foundation of our business and working with exceptional applicants is what our clients have come to expect of us. With this in mind, we know how important word of mouth can be to help us grow our connections and find the best possible choices for the roles we are asked to fill – and this is
where you come in! 

If you know a fantastic person that deserves to find a role that reflects their skills, whether it’s within Loan Operations, Loan Middle Office or Trade Finance, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s the extra benefit! Recommending a candidate to us, that is successfully placed within one of our roles, you’ll receive a referral fee of £300 on each and every occasion!

How it works

For every candidate you refer that we successfully place, we will give you £300 worth of vouchers of your choice (as long as the company offer the option to purchase vouchers).

How to recommend your friend

Please click the button below to be redirected to a direct email where you can make the introduction to Rob, or you can email Please make sure to include the name, phone number and email address of the candidate you would like to recommend and a brief synopsis of their experience.


  1. The candidate referred must not be known to and registered with Johnson & Associates.
  2. The shopping voucher will be given to you once the candidate has been placed in a new role and successfully completed three months in that role for both permanent and temporary positions. After this time, you can claim your voucher. You can claim a maximum of one payout per successful candidate.
  3. Although Johnson & Associates will do their best to contact you once you become eligible to receive your voucher, the responsibility remains with you to contact us to claim your voucher.
  4. Eligibility for this offer is at Johnson & Associates’ discretion and our decision is final.
  5. The shopping voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  6. Johnson & Associates is not responsible if a voucher is lost, stolen, destroyed or expires.
  7. Johnson & Associates reserves the right to terminate the scheme at any time.

Refer A Friend

Or email Rob Johnson directly at