Why Loan Operations staff may benefit from this lockdown

Unlike many other areas of banking, staff within Loan Operations have never had the opportunity to work from home, being told ‘it is not possible given the type of daily responsibilities’ OR ‘the company do not offer it within this team’. However, within 2 weeks of this tragic pandemic becoming ‘real’, most, if not all of those teams are now sat at home with varying set ups from home offices and desktops to laptops on the dining room tables carrying on with their daily duties. In fact, finding themselves busier than ever dealing with a huge increase in drawdowns and the challenges that faces along with month and quarter end.

A small percentage of the Loans industry has enabled home working in the past 18 months but I had predicted it would take 3+ years until the whole industry was on board, even though the demand from candidates increases daily

There has been pushback throughout the past few years from managers who feel that the “normal” working style of being in the office is a necessity in our industry, but could this prove to them that their employees are able to complete work and perhaps be even more efficient whilst working from home?

Since setting up my business 5 years ago, I have worked from home on average 3 days per week and it has not hindered my work in any way. I appreciate the extra time I get to be with my family, I no longer need to commute day in and day out, and I can spend more time on my work. Now is the time that the industry needs to prove to their direct managers and employers that they can be trusted to work in a remote working environment. That they can bring the same work rate and same ethic that they would if they were still in the office, with the potential option for this working style to be offered after the lockdown is lifted.

Although I am sure people will soon be fed up of working from home 5 days a week, I expect that many will also see and want the benefit of this option on a regular basis, once we return to our offices. I do know that my business is different to theirs, but from my experience, working at home doesn’t affect my output in any way, it doesn’t hinder my service or the way I support my clients and candidates. I believe it is a time to show that the Loans industry can do remote working and that it can be done efficiently and effectively.

Although the Coronavirus has meant many companies are trying to implement changes at a quick rate, it is clear they can and do have the options available to them to allow and permit these sorts of working options. I’m not suggesting we should all be home and never return to the office, but for many, working from home 1 day per week would make a great improvement to their individual situations, and I for one would love to see it become more commonplace.

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